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A Word from Mario and Joseph Talamo

Forty-two years ago, at the age of sixteen, our father, Salvatore Talamo, left his hometown of Alia, Sicily. He was bound for the United States with the hope of fulfilling his dream of making a better life for himself. His first job here in America was with his uncle Phil's meat company, where he did everything from shoveling carcasses to truck driving and even chasing cattle!

After six years working at the meat company, our father saved enough money to buy his own truck and start his own trucking company—the first of several companies he would establish through the years. In 1963, our father met and married Josephine Rubino (who also came from the old country) and raised three sons.

In 1964, our father's trucking company fell on hard times and eventually went out of business. After that, our father took a job with California Cheese Company, which specialized in Italian cheese. This company would link our family to the Italian Cheese industry for years to come. After 17 years with Cal Cheese and five years with Beatrice Cheese, our father decided to start his own cheese company—specializing in manufacturing fine Italian cheese. After ten years of running his own manufacturing plant, he sold it and focused his effort on cheese distribution, recognizing that it was far more profitable.

Our father found his niche in distribution. He was able to establish a wide distribution area that accommodated the needs of Italian and specialty foods, including providing custom cheese blends, pack size variations, and private labeling—all these customized services provided with a full line of distribution capabilities.

In 1992, our father passed away, leaving us to carry on the business. With our expertise in processing, manufacturing, sales, and marketing, we have increased company sales by a conservative 500% since taking over. Our diverse customer base includes the Pacific Northwest and expands to from New York to international clients! Talamo Foods has maintained a solid base in the Italian cheese industry.

To date, our company is the only company in the northern California area that has its own processing department and complete distribution capabilities nationwide.

Mario Talamo, President
Joseph Talamo, C.O.O.

President Mario Talamo, Co-founder Josephine Talamo and C.O.O. Joseph Talamo

Talamo Foods